2 year update

I know..it’s been forever between updates. In case anyone is still reading, the twins turned two in March. And will be two years adjusted age in June. At their well baby visit at the developmental pediatrician, N and S were almost the same height and weight. This is almost unbelievable to us because N was below the curve for weight for much of his babyhood. Now he is 50th for weight, 15th for height and 25th for head circumference. S is still a tad above average – 60-70th for weight, 60th for height and 70th for head circ.

N is doing superbly in terms of his therapy goals as well. He receives PT weekly and speech twice a month. His fine motor skills are age-appropriate and his speech and gross motor are just a little bit delayed. A great improvement from Jan 2012, where he tested as being in the 2nd percentile for all those skills. N continues to need tube feeds because he is not making very much progress in terms of feeding. We are being referred to a feeding clinic at our local pediatric hospital.

Today both twins are running, climbing, falling off playground equipment, riding tricycles and enjoying life as rambunctious toddlers. We are profoundly grateful for the noise, mess and laughter that they generate 🙂


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Why Min and Max

M and I have b/g twins born at 29 weeks after pProm at 19 weeks. Story for another time. The twins are now 13 months adjusted. S is our bouncing baby girl and N is our pint-sized superboy. Min and Max were our placeholder names for the twins while they were in utero. And depressingly enough, Max was the name we were going to use for our boy if he didn’t make it after birth.

We started this blog to 1. Keep all the updates and photos of the twins in one place. Up till this point, photos lived in random places: assorted cameras, SD cards, Flickr account and my iPhoto library. Medical updates and milestones lived in emails and Skype messages. 2. Keep family overseas updated.

A note on privacy. We are referring to ourselves and the kids by initial only, since there will be lots of photo-age and medical information (but not too much medical information because we want to still be able to purchase medical insurance at reasonable rates for N in the future). We ask that readers who know us in real life avoid using our names, or at least the kids’ names in comments.

Finally, a photo of our cuties on their first birthday:

S on the left, N on the right.

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